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Career Highlights:


Para Snowboarding Events


  • 7th BigWhite IPC World Cup2

  • 10th BigWhite IPC World Cup1

  • 5th Copper Mtn IPC World Cup


  • 2nd Sierra at Tahoe IPC Qualifier

  • 6th Copper Mtn World Cup

  • 5th Sochi Pre Paralympic Exhibition

  • 9th Maribor, Slovenia World Cup

  • 9th BigWhite World Cup 1

  • 5th BigWhite World Cup 2

  • 1st Canadian Nationals Big White


  • 5th World Cup - Nakiska

  • 1st Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom


  • Competed Winter X Games - DNF due to Shoulder Injury ended season.


  • USASA Nationals - 1st Overall

    • Gold Medal Boarder Cross

    • Silver Medal Half Pipe

    • Silver Medal GS

    • Bronze Medal Slalom

  • 1st Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom

  • 1st SnowCross Red Mountain


  • Silver Medal at the first ever World cup of Adaptive Boardercross at Whistler

  • Gold Medal at the Adaptive Boardercross COP


  •  USASA Nationals 2007 Northstar Resort, Tahoe 

    •  Gold Medal Slopestyle

    •  Gold Medal Half Pipe

    •  Gold Medal Boarder Cross

    •  Gold Medal GS

    •  Gold Medal Slalom

Awarded North American Freestyle and Alpine Champion; Combined Winner Adaptive Men's Snowboarding Division           

  •  Gold Medal at a NORAM Adaptive event at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary racing parallel slalom.

  •   Participant at a Camp Of Excellence at Big White with the Canadian Snowboard Federation and with national coach Christian Hrab


  •  Silver Medal at the BC Disabled champs Sun Peaks BC(first ever competitive event).


Ian Lockey

I am 40 years old. I had a snowboarding accident in 1998, while snowboarding in New Zealand. As a result I am standing paraplegic who loves to snowboard, mountain bike and go fast.  I have worked to be part of the first Canadian Para Olympic Snowboard Cross Team and this Winter my dream is coming true.  


My Stats:



Age  40



Birthplace: New Zealand


Hometown:Rossland, BC




Snowboard/Ski Club – Kootenay Boardriders


Current coach – Candice Drouin


Training center – BigWhite Resort


Board Company you ride on – Kessler


Stance on board – 27” front/-6” back (21.5”)


Boots company – Burton DriverX

Bindings- Burton Diodes



Nickname – Lockey


Sponsors: Canada Snowboard, Bettygohard, Red Mountain Resort, 


Years on National team – 9


Language you speak- English


Greatest Snowboarding accomplishments:

  • Member of the first Canadian Paralympic Team to go to Sochi,Russiaa Paralympics 2014

  • Canadian National Adaptive Snowboard Team 2007 - 2014. 

  • Overcoming my disabilities and being able to Snowboard!

  • Being North American Alpine & Freestyle Adaptive Champion 2007 & 2010 and

  • Last but by no means the Least having ridden chest deep Pow(snorkel stuff) at Red Mountain.


More about me...


Have any of your relatives played sport at a high level?

Father & Brother Golf Provincial Champions

Brother - New Zealand Iron Man Team


Why and how did you start snowboarding?

To have fun and play with gravity.


Why is snowboarding so much fun to you?

It gives me freedom


What is the most memorable moment you had in your career? Making a comeback from breaking my back, First day back on the snow with my friends.


What do you do in the summer?

Mountain Biking

What was your first job? Milkman


What’s on your ipod right now? System of the Down


Favourite type of music? Punk Rock


Favourite book? Pappilion


Favourite movie? TB 4


Favourite place to travel? Anywhere that is good


Any superstitions? Never call last run.


What are your hobbies? Snowboarding, mountain biking, gardening


From snowboarding to surfing my whole life revolves around going out and participating in the activities I enjoy.  At 25 years of age I had an accident whilst dropping a Cornice on my Snowboard in New Zealand in 1998.  


The accident resulted in a severed spinal chord and a minor head injury.  I am now a standing paraplegic with only 50% use of my muscles from the waste down; it has left me a little physically different but no less amped or keen. 


I got involved with the Canadian Snowboard Federation Adaptive Snowboarding Program in 2006 and haven’t looked back.  I have the privilege of helping to make history and watch the program grow as the younger athletes find out about and join the program. 


In May 2012 it was announced that Snowboarding would be included in the Sochi Paralympics in 2014.  This is a dream come true for me and my fellow teammates, adaptive athletes and all those that have supported us along the way!

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